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Mechanical design solutions

Committed to providing its customers with the best solutions in the field of design and manufacturing of custom-made machinery to the industry.

We are reliabiIity

“Only the highest standards in materials and production guarantee a product with the greatest quality guarantees and performance.”


We are flexibility

“A high response capacity and an innovative spirit allows us to offer unique solutions adapted to your needs.”


We are solvency

“A team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector is synonymous with commitment and ability to take on any challange.”




To satisfy our customers needs.



To design and manufacture based on competitiveness



Reliability, professionalism, commitment, flexibility and teamwork.

How do we work?

The mission of SODIMEC is the satisfaction of our customers, providing high-added value products and services.

We combine commitment, flexibility and experience with the ability of our various manufacturing units to meet the needs and demands of the market.

We offer the most competitive design and manufacturing options, by adhering to the standards and requirements established in each project.

Our experience will be translated into solutions that suit/work specifically to our clients needs, regardless the industry.


Turning rolls

Growing lines

S.A.W. Boom & Column



Machinery manufacturing

Turnkey. Custom-made to needs of the client.

Machinery modification

Increasing its capabilities and meeting the current security requirements.

Project management & execution

Project development and industrial facilities coordination.

Detail engineering

Oriented to multiple sectors of the industry.

Bridge cranes modification

Transformation, adaptation, increase of load capability & certification of bridge and gantry cranes.

Lifting elements

Load-lifting devices.


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